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"Quality Services" is an organization of a team of qualified and long experienced engineers undertaking specialized repairing and maintenance of electronics equipments. We undertake maintenance works of almost every instrumentation and electronics systems.

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"Quality Services" is a organization as a team of qualified and long experienced engineers under taking specialized Repairing, Maintenance of electronics equipments.

About Us

QUALITY SERVICES is a team of well qualified and skilled engineers involved in “Component Level Repair and Maintenance of Industrial Electronic Devices and Instruments”. As an ISO 9001-2015 Certified firm, we aim nothing less in the quality of services. We are leading in industrial instrumentation and electronics maintenance from 1989, since then we provide the best services under the best team.

We repair almost anything.

We repair all kind of Electronic Cards, Analyzers, Monitoring Modules, SMPS, Power Supply, Exchanges Cards, AC-DC Converters / Rectifiers, DC-DC Converters, UPS, Annunciation System, ESP System, IGBT Firing cards, Pulse Gate Driver cards,  Telecom/Optic Fiber cards, Controllers, PLC, HMI, PANEL VIEW,, RELAY,  DCS/SCADA systems, AC/DC Drives, VFD’S, Power modules, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Process Control Systems, Analyzers, Logic Circuits etc. of all major Brands like Siemens, ABB, Yaskawa, Delta, Yokogawa, Honeywell, Rosemount, Nemic-Lambda, Philips, Triconex, Woodward, Foxboro, Forb Marshall, Bentley, Allen Bradley, Alstom, Hitachi etc.

We have ROHS Standard Lab facilities equipped with all latest machineries. All works are categorized into sections handled by skilled engineers. We also have independent store section ensuring safe delivery of serviced products. We ensure safe and environment friendly lab atmosphere and client friendly services.

Quality Services never compromise in quality, it’s our priority!

Our Solutions
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